Middle School Sports

MSHSAA Guidelines

All student-athletes must meet the standards set by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) to be eligible for participation in any school related extracurricular activity. MSHSAA guidelines for seventh and eighth-grade students are as follows:

  • Seventh and eighth-grade students must be currently enrolled in and regularly attending the normal course for that grade or must have enrolled in a full course at his or her level in any public school special education program for the handicapped approved by the Missouri State Department of Education which, though ungraded, enrolls pupils of equivalent chronological age.
  • A student must have been promoted to a higher grade or a higher level in special education at the close of the previous year. However, any such student who failed more than one scheduled subject, or failed to make standard progress in special education shall be ineligible the following semester regardless of promotion to the higher grade.