Collegiate Blue Jays

Washington Athletes Are College Bound

Washington High School has over 50 alumni currently participating in collegiate athletics. Scroll through the lists or click on the desired sport below for a detailed breakdown of our student-athletes at the next level.

Baseball Basketball (M) Basketball (W)
Cross Country Football Golf (M)
Soccer (M) Soccer (W) Softball
Track and Field Volleyball

Are we missing someone? Contact Athletic Director Bill Deckelman to add a student-athlete to the list.


Mike Dowd 2008 Central Methodist University
Justin Sprenger 2009 Arkansas State University
Kevin Gratza 2010 University of Central Missouri
Tyler Siem 2010 Maplewoods Community College
Max Bigford 2011 Northwest Missouri State Univeristy
Dustin Howard 2012 Hannibal-LaGrange University

Basketball (M)

Scott Suggs 2008 University of Washington
Jordan Stapp 2011 Missouri Valley College
Matt McCarthy 2011 Missouri Valley College
Luke Schroepfer 2013 Colorado School of Mines

Basketball (W)

Jessica Kaaz 2010 Concordia University

Cross Country, Track and Field

Josh Buschling 2008 Drake University
Daniel Mann 2008 University of Missouri Kansas City
Taylor McClelland 2008 Missouri Southern State University
Hanne Mickleson 2008 William Jewell University
Molly Behr 2009 University of Missouri Kansas City
Lauren Gausto 2010 University of Kansas
Anna Holtermann 2010 Iowa State University
Celia Venezia 2010 Drake University
Madeline Marlow 2011 Missouri Science & Technology
Kirstie Leslie 2013 Missouri State University


Cory Alfermann 2008 William Penn University
Denodus O'Bryant 2008 Lindenwood University
Matt Scheible 2008 Southeast Missouri State University
Jack Borcherding 2009 William Penn University
Kerwin Stricker 2009 University of Missouri
Justin Hinni 2010 William Penn University
Skyler Suggs 2010 University of Northern Iowa
Adam Hawkinson 2011 Culver Stockton College
Danny Heimann 2011 Missouri Valley College

Golf (M)

Andy Hogenmiller 2008 Missouri Southern State University
Hunter Parrish 2011 Columbia College

Soccer (M)

Jon Farrell Wartburg University
Matt Buddemeyer William Woods University
Tyler Subke 2009 East Central College

Soccer (W)

Dusty Maciejewski 2009 William Woods University
Melissa Beste 2010 St. Charles Community College
Kayla Nurnberger 2011 Quincy University
Brittany Monroig 2012 Missouri Valley College


Allison Enderle 2008 Indiana Tech
Jessica Eichholz 2008 Blackburn College
Jenna Clayton 2009 Jefferson College
Patsi Huebner 2009 Meramec Community College
Samantha Kleekamp 2009 East Central College
Logan Stapp 2009 Missouri Valley College
Kelsey Lamb 2010 Meramec Community College
Sarah McCarthy 2012 Missouri Valley College
Sarah Westhoff 2013 East Central College
Rachel Micke 2013 East Central College
Kaitlin Evans 2013 East Central College
Elizabeth Klussman 2013 McKendree University


Johannah Bangert 2008 University of Illinois
Andrea Beaty 2010 Saint Louis University
Tiffany Borgerding 2010 East Central College
Jackie Kleekamp 2011 Missouri Baptist University
Sarah Schwenkter 2011 East Central College
Hannah Seitter 2011 Maryville University
Alisha Skaggs 2011 University of Missouri St. Louis
Hannah Leslie 2013 East Central College